The Amtryke Therapeutic Tricycle Program is all about abilities, not disabilities!

The goal is to provide access to all the classic benefits of riding a bike: mobility, strength, exercise, coordination, interaction with family and friends, and just pure fun!

Through the fundraising efforts of the Altoona Chapter of AMBUCS, our local club has given away hundreds of AmTrykes since they were first developed over 25 years ago.

AMBUCS offers classic foot pedaled trykes, innovative hand pedaled trykes, and trykes that employ both hand and foot pedals.

An array of accessories is available to adapt the trykes to nearly any need. Each tryke can be quickly and easily adjusted without tools to fit many riders.

The trykes are designed to look like bikes, not medical equipment, and to be age appropriate.

Using the tryke at home or during therapy often builds endurance and self-confidence. It also provides another form of self-mobility for those who use assistive devices such as a wheelchair, crutches or walker.

The highly adjustable trykes and wide range of adaptations make this unique tricycle a valuable addition to any clinic, medical therapy unit, or adaptive physical education program.