AMBUCS Altoona Newsletter for October 27, 2020

This Week’s Program: TBD

Future Speakers:

November 3rd – Charles Prijatelj – Superintendent AASD

November 10th – TBD

Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week:

..Our guest speakers were Ambucs Dean McKnight and Ken Decker, who spoke about their hobby of kite flying. Dean began by showing a video that his brother made that showed shots of many of the kites that Dean flies at Myrtle Beach. He then showed the first kite he ever bought, a black and red 4’ kite that the shopkeeper told him was guaranteed to fly. Dean said that he and his wife made yearly trips to the beach and while Elsie enjoyed sitting on the beach for hours, Dean did not. He would often go back to their room and read. While driving by a kite shop near the beach, Elsie suggested that getting and flying a kite might interest Dean. As they say, the rest is history as Dean’s collection now has around 360 kites and 400 windsocks. Dean’s kites include some unique ones including a shark, scuba-diver, soccer-kicking legs, and some large kites with wing spans of 16’, 18’ and even 20’. The 20’ kite was on display at the back of the room and Dean explained to fly it you needed 350lb test line! He informed the group that delta style kites are the easiest to fly for a beginner and he also warned that the sun is your enemy so protect yourself with a hat and sunscreen when flying. Next up Ken showed some of the kites that he likes to fly. He enjoys two-line kites, which as the name suggests are controlled by two lines that attach to the kite and have a handle for each hand. This style of kite is often called stunt kites that can flip, spin, and dip in the hands of a skilled flier. Ken got into kites the same way that Dean did; by not enjoying just sitting on the beach. Ken flies his kites at Canoe Creek State Park and on a hill on his property. A very interesting hobby that these two Ambucs enjoy and that can be done by anyone, often shared with children and grandchildren.

Guests Last Week:

Guests of Dean McKnight included Barb Stubbs and Nancy Deffenbaugh.

Guest of Alex Seltzer was Tricia Meyers of the Home Nursing Agency.


… ..At last Tuesday’s meeting, we had the privilege of presenting an Amtryke to 23-year old Angelo Morelli of Huntingdon. Angelo was joined by his parents, who informed the membership that this was actually Angelo’s third Amtryke. He received his first one at age four. His father said that he rides with his nieces and nephews and that as a family they ride the Rails-To-Trails in Williamsburg. Angelo took to the larger Amtryke right away and began pedaling in the room and then down the hallway. This presentation was the fourth one in about a week as we delivered three Amtrykes to three Owens at WeCare, where all three boys take therapy.

Angelo & Ambuc Tim Parnell Owen Kiser & Mom Beverly Owen Shatzer & Mom Erica

…..President Linda attended an after-event get-together at the U.S. Hotel in regards to Pumpkin Day that the AMBUCS participated in several Saturdays ago. At the event, Linda accepted a check for the club in the amount of $415, our share of the event’s sponsorship money. This check will be added to the profit from our candy that was sold that day…making for a profitable fundraiser!

…..Remember that Mark Ford’s wife, Cathy, owner of The Body Shop at Home, is offering to donate her commission on all sales of her products. You can visit Cathy’s website at Her products include makeup, haircare, and skincare products, as well as men’s fragrances and gift sets. Please go on-line and peruse the many products Cathy offers. This is a great opportunity to get some quality products and help AMBUCS at the same time. Just include the word “AMBUCS” in the customer name on the order so that Cathy can know which orders are eligible for her very generous donation. Please pass this offer along to all of your family and friends as well. Thanks Cathy, for this great fundraiser!

…..This weekend is the 7th week of the N.F.L. season and our annual AMBUCS “33 Club”. Since there were no 33’s scored the previous 2 weeks, the pot has grown to $90/$30 for this week’s games. On Sunday, the 49ers (Vic Gioiosa) scored 33 against the Patriots (Bob Fiore). If no one scores 33 on Monday Night’s game, Vic will win $90 and Bob $30. If someone does score 33 on Monday, the pot will be split.

…..Hopefully you’ve had a chance to sell or purchase some goodies for our annual AMBUCS Christmas Candy Sale. Candy princess, Kathy Storm reminded everyone that orders must be turned in by next Tuesday, November 3rd and the candy will be distributed on Tuesday, November 17th. Please do your part by selling some candy for this annual fundraiser. If you prefer, you can assist the club financially by considering a fair-share pledge of $200; which is the approximate profit on the sale of $500 of candy. For those members who sell $500 of candy or make a $200 donation or some combination of the two that nets the club $200…you will become a member of the $500 club.

…..Wanted: A Grants Chairman for the 2020-21 club year! Grants make up such an important portion of our Amtryke and Scholarship monies and right now the club is in dire need of someone to chair the Grants committee. We have two Ambucs, Emily Sollenberger and Jim Berkhimer who have been busy writing grant requests, but the chairmanship role is currently open. The chair does not necessarily have to help write the grants, but instead coordinates the grant schedule calendar and reminds the grant writers of when the grant applications are due. This individual also serves on the board which meets the last Thursday of each month at noon. Please give this needed board position some thought and let President Linda know if you have any questions or would be able to chair this vital committee.

…..Last week, Dean McKnight pulled the winning ticket…that of Ken Decker. Ken gave it a good shot but came up empty when he chose the four of spades. That means the deck is now down to 48 cards (46 cards & 2 Jokers). The winning pot, prior to ½ of this week’s proceeds, is at $95.

In Closing: