AMBUCS Altoona Newsletter for October 23, 2018

Today’s Meeting:  Jennifer Knisely & Sara Ebersole – Altoona Library Services

Future Speakers:

October 30th – Dave Aikens – Discussing his recent trip to the AMBUCS National Convention


Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week: Our guest speaker was Aaron Kovach of Crossroads   Cryotherapy. Aaron, who is a CrossRoads Cryotherapy LogoSenior Physical Therapist at Cross Roads, explained that cryotherapy was created in 1978 in Japan as an effective method to treat a number of pain issues. Cross Roads, owned by Ambuc Tim Parnell, began offering treatments recently when they purchased a whole body Cryo-Innovations walk-in chamber. The 2 to 3 minute treatment uses liquid nitrogen to drop the chamber’s temperature to -220° F. The body responds by releasing endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain inhibitors. The cryochambertreatments promote faster injury recovery as well as relief from muscle and joint pain, which is the reason that athletes are often the target of the treatments. So far, about 150 treatments have been performed on athletes and chronic pain patients. Besides feeling rejuvenated from the sessions, many benefits such as decreased pain, increased energy, reduced inflammation, and decreased muscle spasms occur. Aaron stated that although the treatments are not covered by insurance, sessions are priced at $25 for the first one and $45 thereafter. Discounted costs are available for multiple treatments and a 10% discount is offered to veterans, law enforcement, and 1st responders. They are currently trying to encourage schools to consider these treatments for their athletes in lieu of a traditional ice bath. Appointments can be scheduled during the week from 11 AM to 1 PM and from 5 PM to 7 PM. Saturday hours are 9 AM to 11 AM. For more information, you can visit them at


Guests of the Day:


Murry scolarship presentation…..Tim Parnell introduced his two guests…Alexis Murry and her Mother Dottie. Alexis is the recipient of a $500 scholarship from the Altoona AMBUCS. She will be attending St Francis University as an Occupational Therapist. Shown here is Tim presenting Alexis with her scholarship check.


…..President Kristan introduced her guest, Katrin Allison, an Occupational Therapy student at Penn State Dubois, who is doing an extended internship with Kristan.


News of the Week:

…..President Kristan sent around a thank you note from Melody Ray, our guest speaker on October 9th. She thanked us for inviting her to speak and for what we do for the community.



pumpkins…..On Saturday, the club once again had a booth at the Hollidaysburg Annual Pumpkinfest. The booth was manned by a number of members who sold Gardner’s candy and Cooke Tavern dried soup mixes as well as promoting the club and our Amtrykes. The day was a success in spite of the morning rain with good crowds for most of the day. Thanks to all who helped and a special thanks to Ken Decker for providing the tables and tent we used and for preparing the soup samples that we offered as a sales incentive. There are still some soup mixes that weren’t sold, so the plan is to sell those to club members. The cost is only $8 and the mixes make up 2 quarts of delicious soup. Once the remainder of the soup is sold we should net about $500!


…..On Saturday night, Ed Farabaugh presented three Amtrykes at the Bavarian Aid Society Hall. Each year the Society celebrates their anniversary with an Octoberfest style evening and then they present the AMBUCS with a donation check. The three Amtryke recipents were 7 year old Vincent Kaika of Altoona, 13 year old Ayden Parshall, and 9 year old Ryan Finochio, both of Hollidaysburg. The Bavarian Aid Society did in fact present Ed with a check for the club in the amount of $1,000 and the Finochio’s donated $500 as well. Thanks to the Bavarian, the Finochio’s, and to Ed for representing the club at this annual function.


…..Last week it was announced that we had received an invitation from the Sunshine Rotary to participate in their annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser next April. Last Tuesday, Treasurer Paul Dick explained a few more of the details and asked the membership for a show of hands as to whether they would be willing to participate in the event. The majority of the attending members responded favorably. Michele Lloyd has volunteered  to chair the event for the club.


football goal…..There was a “33” score last Monday night when Green Bay scored 33 against San Francisco. This netted both Karen Lemme and Cullen Sheehan $30 and Chris Shirock and Derek Martin $10 each. So far this week there haven’t been any 33’s, but there’s always Monday Night Football. If there are no winners on Monday, the pot for next weekend will be $60 for a “33” team and $20 for their opponent.


Joker…..Last week’s raffle ticket winner was again Ed Garlena. Ed’s choice of the Ten of Spades wasn’t much better than his choice the week before.  That means that next week’s winner will be choosing from the remaining 45 cards (43 cards – 2 Jokers) for a chance to win the pot of $220 or so. The pot’s not as big as the Mega-Millions jackpot but your odds are probably a bit better!

In Closing:

Charlie Sheen Halloween