AMBUCS Altoona Newsletter for October 24, 2017

Today’s Meeting:   Special Member’s Meeting

Future Speakers:

October 31stAlex Seltzer sponsoring an AMBUCS Open House

Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week:

….. Pam Etters – Executive Director of the Altoona Symphony was our guest kaleidoscopespeaker last week. Pam stated that this is the 10th anniversary for Teresa Cheung as Music Director of the orchestra. As such, a special season of music, entitled Kaleidoscope, is planned. The remaining concerts in the season include the October 28th showing of the silent horror movie NOSFERATU, the original score of which will be performed by the symphony as the movie is shown. On December 2nd, they will perform their Home for the Holidays concert, their American Masters concert on March 17th, and on April 7th, a special concert at the Hollidaysburg High School, entitled Carmina Burana. Additionally, Pam discussed a Disney Dinner and raffle fund raiser on December 3rd. For more information on the Symphony, visit them at their website

Guests of the Day:

…..There were no guests last week. Remember to start thinking about who you might invite to our open house next week. An AMBUCS membership is something we should share.

News of the Week:  

…..President Rachael read a thank you note to the club from the St. Vincent De Paul Society thanking us for the $500 donation that we made to their financial aid office.

…..Rachael also reminded everyone that their hoagie and pizza ordersmariannas italian will be available for pickup tomorrow, Tuesday October 24th. The pickup will be at Park Hills, not in the room we normally meet, but in the bar room in the back left of the club. The orders should be ready by 9AM or you can pick them up at lunch that day.

…..Next week’s meeting will be our open house. This meeting will include a buffet style lunch to better accommodate a larger than normal crowd. We have scheduled two special guest speakers. Marcy Hardinger, the mother of an Amtyke recipient, will tell the story of her daughter Hannah’s health struggles and how our Amtryke donation has improved Hannah’s quality of life and Amy Detterline of the VA Hospital, who will discuss the joint initiative between the VA and the Altoona AMBUCS to provide Amtrykes to local disabled veterans. This is a great opportunity to show off the club to perspective members. Please start thinking of a guest or two that you want to invite to this special meeting!

…..Lisa Drzal and Dave Aikens are still looking for more volunteers for the first V.A. Hospital games and craft night, scheduled for Tuesday, October 24th from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. The plan is to schedule this event on the fourth Tuesday of each month for the 40 residents at the V.A. hospital.

…..Not that anyone is thinking about Christmas yet….but Kathy Storm noted that she will have the AMBUCS Christmas candy sale order forms available on October 31st. Also, it was noted that the annual AMBUCS Christmas party will be held on Tuesday evening, December 19th at Park Hills. There will be no noon lunch that day or on December 26th.

…..Diane Carnell announced that the bowling tournament for the Mt. Lion Backpack project, chaired by Lisa Drzal, raised $5,300! Two AMBUCS sponsored teams participated. No information on how well those teams fared on the lanes.

…..We have 33 Club winners again!  The Rams scored 33 on Sunday which wins footballJim Huff $30. The Rams opponent, the Cardinals, win Ed Garlena $10. But they may have to share it…….there’s still Monday night football!

…..On Saturday night, October 28th, the Bavarian Aid Society is celebrating their 130th Anniversary/Oktoberfest and the Altoona AMBUCS will be on the evening’s agenda. We will present several Amtrykes that evening and anticipate receiving donations for Amtrykes from both the Bavarian and the Pa. Bowlers Association.  The AMBUCS portion of the evening will be from 7 PM until 8 PM, and entertainment by Felix and The Hurricanes will follow. Tickets are just $5.00, payable at the door. A sign-up sheet is being circulated so that we can reserve a table.

…..Last week Trav Young’s raffle number was pulled.  Unfortunately for Trav, he Jokerchose the Five of Diamonds, not one of those hard-to-find Jokers! Next week you can have the chance to take home a pot of around $180, by picking one of the two Jokers out of the remaining 45 card deck.

In Closing:

The Chinese Doctor & The Lawyer

A Chinese doctor opens a clinic in America and puts a sign outside of his business that reads:  “Get a Treatment for $20 and If Not Cured, Get Back $100”. A lawyer thinks this sounds like a great way to get $100 and visits the Chinese doctor, claiming that he has lost his sense of taste. The Chinese doctor asks his nurse to give the lawyer patient three drops of the special medicine. The lawyer gags and says, ahhh….this is kerosene. The doctor says, “Congratulations, you’ve regained your sense of taste, you owe me $20”. The annoyed lawyer goes back to the doctor several days later to try to get the $100. This time he tells the doctor that he has lost his memory and can’t remember a thing. The Chinese doctor tells his nurse to bring three more drops of the special medicine for the lawyer. The lawyer immediately says “Oh no, that medicine is kerosene, you gave me that the last time to restore my taste”. “Congratulations, you have your memory back…you owe me another $20”. The fuming lawyer gives him the $20 and then returns a week later, determined to get the $100. This time the lawyer claims to have lost his eyesight saying he can’t see a thing. The Chinese doctor says “you’ve stumped me, as I have no medicine for that. Here, take this $100 bill.” The lawyer looks at the bill and says “this is a twenty, not a $100 bill!” “Congrats”, says the doctor, “your eyesight is restored….you owe me another $20”!