AMBUCS Altoona Newsletter for August 22, 2017

Today’s Speaker:   Tim Obrien – Young Life

Future Speakers:

August 29thBryson Peterman – Owner of Bootleggers Brew Shop

September 5thTo Be Determined

September 12thSt Vincent De Paul Society’s Financial Aid Office

September 19thNo Meeting

Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week:

Roseann Conrad – Secretary of the Blair County Dog Park in Martinsburg was blair county dog parkour guest speaker last Tuesday. Roseann, who many might remember as the director of the Easter Seal Society some twenty years ago, is also the owner of Alley Ratz Dogcare in Lakemont. She noted that her love of dogs began when she was young. She was just 22 when she had her first show dog.

The 10 acre dog park was established as a 501(c)3 organization off of Agway Road in Martinsburg. The park has a half acre section for small dogs, a two acre area for larger dogs over 35 pounds, a two acre canine sports area, and a half acre training area. Currently, about half of the dog park is fenced in. The land is leased to the park from a local farmer at a very reasonable rate of $50 per month. There are currently around 200 members of the park at a cost of $50 per year per dog. Access to the fenced in area is controlled by electronic cards issued to members. The park offers special sponsorship opportunities where donations can be made to buy additional fence sections, shade trees, birdhouses, and other course equipment. The park also sponsors other activities such as the 7th annual Dog Dip at Prospect pool in Altoona that was conducted this past weekend and Bark-Tober Fest which will be held as an open house this fall. Membership applications and other information on the park can be found on their website at

Guests of the Day: …..Colin Carpenter, his mother and grandparents (see Amtryke story below)

News of the Week:  

…..We had a special Amtryke give-away last week. 22 month old Colin CarpenterColin Carpenter amtryke was the recipient of an Amtryke. His mother explained to the membership that about three months after birth, Colin stopped growing. The family discovered that Colin has an incurable medical condition resulting in short stature, commonly referred to as dwarfism. Colin seems a little apprehensive of his tryke, but with a little time, he should be motoring all over his neighborhood. During the meeting Colin looked quite dapper in his dress shirt, tie, and hat while contently playing with the contents of his mother’s purse. Also attending the meeting were Colin’s grandparents.

watermelon…..Tony Miller announced that the picnic social at Ed Farabaugh’s home is now set for Saturday September 23rd at 6:30 PM. Tony’s promising a sign-up sheet that will be circulated soon. What better way to spend a fall evening with your fellow Ambucs and their guests?

…..On Tuesday, September 19th, Park Hills Golf Club will be hosting their annual Our Town Golf Outing. This outing draws a great crowd and consequently all of the main dining rooms will be full and parking is at a premium. Because of this, the board has decided to not meet that day.

…..Lisa Drzal is working with the VA Hospital to find ways that AMBUCS can help the veterans. She has set up a meeting with Amy Detterline of the VA hospital on Wednesday August 23rd at 1:00 PM to discuss their needs. Lisa is looking for interested Ambucs who would be willing to assist with this project. Contact Lisa for more information or to let her know that you will attend.

…..A sign-up sheet was distributed last week for the annual “33 Club”! For those who are unaware of the club, here are the highlights…..the cost is $40 to get a team. A random drawingfootball will be held and each participant will have a pro football team for the season. If your team scores 33 points you win $30 and the person who has the opponent of the team that scores 33, wins $10. Since there isfootball field no guarantee that 33 points will be scored each week, the weekly pot tends to grow. If there are multiple teams scoring 33 in any given week, the pot is equally divided. The other attraction is that all “33 Club” members can attend the club’s annual Super Bowl party at no cost. Last year the “33 Club” filled up fast, so a change has been made for this season. If we have more people sign up than there are NFL teams, a second sign-up sheet will be started, leaving some people with the same team. When one of those teams win, they will not have to split the winnings, but each winner will receive their full share of the pot. The cost for the “33 Club” can be billed on your dues if you would like.

…..Our guest speaker, Roseann Conrad, pulled the winning raffle ticket of Karen Lemme.Joker  Karen unwisely chose the Nine of Spades, which not being the Joker….was not a good selection. So now we are down to 33 remaining cards and two Jokers. This week’s drawing could very well pocket someone around $400!


In Closing:

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