AMBUCS Altoona Newsletter for August 15, 2017

Today’s Speaker:   Roseann Conrad – Blair County Dog Park in Martinsburg

Future Speakers:

August 22ndTim Obrien – Young Life

August 29thBryson Peterman – Owner of Bootleggers Brew Shop

Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week:

Laura Ford – Blair Senior Services – Meals on Wheels Program Supervisor Blair Senior Servicesspoke to the club last Tuesday about this service and others that her agency provides. The Home Delivered Meals program provides nutritious meals to Blair County residents 60 years of age or older who are unable to prepare meals for themselves. Laura said that this program is the first program that B.S.S. offered, beginning way back in 1970. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they provide around 500 meals. The meals are prepared in their own production kitchen using local foods and staff. Once prepared, volunteers then deliver both a hot meal and a frozen one on Mondays & Wednesdays and a single hot meal on Fridays. Laura coordinates the 172 volunteers as well as the kitchen staff. She said that the deliveries not only provide meals but that the volunteers also perform a safety and wellbeing check, ensuring that each consumer is at home and ok. If a consumer does not answer the door, then Laura’s staff begin an outreach service to make sure that all is well. Additionally, Laura discussed the monthly Commodity Box Program that provides food boxes the 4th Tuesday of each month for those in need in the community. Laura also mentioned the Blair Senior Services bus transportation and tax preparation services that are available. She stated that their funding sources include the United Way, state funding through the Pa. Lottery and local donations. For more information on the many services that B.S.S. provides or to become a much needed volunteer, contact Laura at 946-1235.

Guests of the Day: …..There were no guests last week.



News of the Week:  

…..Tony Miller announced that the picnic social at Ed Farabaugh’s home is nowwatermelon set for Saturday September 23rd at 6:30 PM. Tony’s promising a sign-up sheet that will be circulated soon. What better way to spend a fall evening with your fellow Ambucs and their guests?

…..On Tuesday, September 19th, Park Hills Golf Club will be hosting their annual Our Town Golf Outing. This outing draws a great crowd and consequently all of the main dining rooms will be full and parking is at a premium. Because of this, the board has decided to not to meet that day at Park Hills. It is still undecided yet if we will meet at another location that day, possibly do a community service project, or cancel altogether. Stay tuned for further details.

…..Lisa Drzal is working with the VA Hospital to find ways that AMBUCS can help the veterans. She has set up a meeting with Amy Detterline of the VA hospital on Wednesday August 23rd at 1:00 PM to discuss their needs. Lisa is looking for interested Ambucs who would be willing to assist with this project. Contact Lisa for more information.

…..Attached with this week’s bulletin email was a draft of a club donation policy that Treasurer Paul has asked everyone to review and make comments to him via email. The policy explains the types of donations that are supported by the club and those that are not. It also provides the guidelines for how a request is funneled through the Board of Directors. Please take a few minutes to review the document and let Paul know of any questions, comments or concerns that you might have. The Board meets again on August 31st and it is hoped that final approval can be voted upon that day.

…..It’s hard to imagine but football season is right around the corner. So…it’s “33 Club” time! For those who are unaware of the club, here are the highlights…..the cost is $40 to get a team. Afootball random drawing will be held and each participant will have a pro football team for the season. If your team scores 33 points you win $30 and the person who has the opponent of the team that scores 33, winsfootball field $10. Since there is no guarantee that 33 points will be scored each week, the weekly pot tends to grow. If there are multiple teams scoring 33 in any given week, the pot is equally divided. The other attraction is that all “33 Club” members can attend the club’s annual Super Bowl party at no cost. Last year the “33 Club” filled up fast, so a change has been made for this season. If we have more people sign up than there are NFL teams, a second sign-up sheet will be started, leaving some people with the same team. When one of those teams win, they will not have to split the winnings, but each winner will receive their full share of the pot. A sign-up sheet will be passed around starting tomorrow. The cost for the “33 Club” can be billed on your dues if you would like.

…..Our guest speaker, Laura Ford, pulled the winning raffle ticket of Michele Lloyd. Her selectionJoker of me for a husband was much better than her poor selection of the Seven of Hearts. So now we have 34 remaining cards and two Jokers. So with Michele’s card now removed from the deck, you could be the one to choose one of the Jokers and become the next big winner! This week’s drawing could net someone nearly $400!

In Closing:

…..A man was in a fancy restaurant and happened to notice a gorgeous woman sitting at the next table. Suddenly, she sneezed, causing her glass eye to pop out and fly right toward him. The man caught the eye in mid-air. “I’m so sorry” said the woman as she popped her retrieved eye back in. “Let me buy you dinner.” After a charming dinner and an enlightening conversation, the woman offered to drive the man home. The man was flattered and remarked, “you’re the perfect woman. Are you this nice to every guy you meet?” “No”, she responded. “You just happened to catch my eye!”