AMBUCS Altoona Newsletter for August 1, 2017

Today’s Speakers:   Beth Futrich – “Pa Agricultural Ombudsman Program”

Future Speakers:

August 8thKay Tyberg – HLAA Hearing Loss Association of America

August 15thRoseann Conrad – Blair County Dog Park in Martinsburg

August 22ndTim Obrien – Young Life

August 29thBryson Peterman – Owner of Bootleggers Brew Shop

Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week:

Blair County Commissioner Terry Tomassetti spoke about the ongoing Blair County Court House renovations last week. Numerous projects await the maintenance and repair that Terry stated had been left unattended for quite some time. Both Courtrooms 1 & 2 are in need of repairs due to water infiltration. His Powerpoint presentation showed pieces of the plaster that are falling, windows that need repaired, and the extensive work that still remains on the exterior of the original building (circa 1875-76) and the addition (1906). The windows that need attentioncourthouse number near eighty and the clock tower will need repair once the trees are removed and the root damage can be assessed. Terry also noted that the HVAC system will need replaced due to age and noise levels. The noise issue prohibits the system from running in the courtrooms when court is in session. The County recently announced receipt of an $80,000 preservation grant for work in the law library which is expected to cost $236,000. Terry stated that the overall costs for the needed renovations would likely be 2 to 5 million dollars. One interesting find recently were the original blueprints from 1906 which should provide some insight to the building’s original design. Terry also noted that a courthouse preservation team comprised of Terry, Judge Kopriva, conservator John Rita, and other county personnel has been established and will meet bi-weekly to keep the project moving. Terry thanked conservator John Rita for his tireless efforts to recreate much of the plasterwork and other design work at the courthouse. Lastly, Terry said that the county is in the process of creating a Courthouse Preservation Fund where charitable donations to support the renovations can be made. The fund should be established by September.

Guests of the Day:

…..There were no guests last week.

News of the Week:

…..Note: Tomorrow’s meeting will be held in the Hearth Room instead of the large dining room at Park Hills. That’s the room adjacent to our normal meeting room. If you choose the wrong room…’ll be sitting with the fine folks of Home Nursing!

…..AMBUCS Softball Marathon team captain, Tony Miller, passed around a sign-watermelonup sheet for a picnic social at Ed Farabaugh’s home. Two dates are being considered…Friday August 11th or Saturday August 12th. If you haven’t already responded to Kathy Storm from the recent email, please do so soon, so that a date can be finalized. What better way to spend a late summer evening?

…..The AMBUC’s board met last Thursday and two notable items were the result….Lisa Drzal will be chairing the upcoming Mt. Lion Backpack Bowling event and the club has agreed to sponsor two teams. Additionally, some minor changes were proposed to the club’s donation policy. Once the board votes and approves these changes, a copy of the policy will be made available to the membership.

…..He’s at it again! Our grant writer-extraordinaire, Dave Aikens, has secured a grant of $1,600 from the Sheetz Corporation for our Amtyke fund. Thank you Sheetz…..and way to go again Dave!

August Birthday Babies include:

birthday cake13thJack happy birthdayMcDougal

15thVic Gioiosa

21stTony Miller

22ndBill Hoyne


Joker…..Our guest speaker, Terry Tomassetti, pulled the winning Jack of diamondsraffle ticket of Bill Hoyne. Bill’s selection of the Jack of Diamonds did not pay off. That leaves 36 remaining cards and two Jokers. The rules state that once we are down to 26 cards, one Joker is removed. So with Bill’s card removed from the deck, you could be one step closer to being a big winner! Next week’s drawing could net someone nearly $350!




In Closing: frosty nose


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