AMBUCS Altoona Newsletter for June 13, 2017

Today’s Speakers:  – Joe Harteis & Barry Kumpf– Blair County Convention Center

Future Speakers:

June 20th Penny Brunner – “Smiles for Miles”

June 27th Jack Murray – “How Joining a Service Club Changed My Life”

Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week:

…..Diane Carnell introduced last week’s speaker, Erin Wyandotte of AMC Theatres. Erin is the manager of the recently built AMC theatre, formerly the Carmike – 12. Erin has been in the business for 29 years, the last 23 of which she has managed a theatre. Erin explained that the recent conversion from Carmike to AMC has brought about a number of changes to both the new theatre as well as the one in the Logan Valley Mall. Both theatres will now show first run movies however the mall theatre, now referred to as an AMC Classic, will have less amenities at a lower ticket cost. The AMC -12 theatre will now offer Premiere memberships that provide express line ticketing and numerous specials on movie showings and concessions. Erin went on to explain how a first run film might require 90% of the ticket sales to return to Hollywood for the first two weeks followed by a declining percentage for the subsequent weeks. She stated that consequently, most of a theatre’s profits come from concessions. Erin also stated that AMC’s slogan that “We make smiles happen” also includes numerous examples of the theatre giving back to the community.

Guests of the Day:

John Lloyd introduced his guest, his wife and retired nurse Michele; who has filled out an application for AMBUCS membership.

Paul Dick introduced his guest, retired banker Dean McKnight; who has also filled out an application for AMBUCS membership.

Alex Seltzer introduced his guest, Arela Rivas of Blair County Acupuncture.

Remember that June is the last month of “Round-up”, our spring membership drive. During this membership drive, the $15 membership fee for any new member will be waived and the new member will receive a $50 credit on their first quarterly dues. Additionally, there are gift certificate and cash drawings for Ambucs who bring guests during the round-up. Why not bring a guest this week?



News of the Week:

…..The meeting was rather unusual last week in that our speaker spoke before lunch was served and we had not one, but two inductions of club officers due to a number of reasons. When the dust settled, Chairman of the Board, Jim Huff, inducted returning club officers, Paul Dick – Treasurer and Bob Reffner – Secretary into the new club year beginning in June. This was followed up by Jim inducting club president for 2017/18, Rachael Lenhart into office. Later in the meeting Jim inducted First Vice President, Kristan Zolnosky, into office. Rachael then thanked President Ed Garlena for his year as president and presented him with a past year president plaque and pin. Past president Ed will now take over the reins of the club’s Chairman of the Board position. Lastly, Jim asked all members to stand and pledge their support to the new officers and board and to work in every way to ensure another outstanding club year.

…..Rachael Lenhart thanked everyone that participated in the Mariannamariannas Hoagie and Pizza Fundraiser. On Tuesday morning Rachael, Kathy Storm, Dave Aikens and John Lloyd sorted the hoagies and pizzas so that everyone’s order was ready for pickup. The sale was again a success as Rachael calculated a profit of $755!

…..Lisa Drzal deserves a lot of credit for her hard work and many hours that she devoted to ourYard Sale first annual AMBUC yard sale! Originally the sale’s profit was advertised as netting the club $1,400, however Diane Carnell noted that a few more dollars were found bringing the total to $1,455!  Way to go Lisa and a big thanks to all of those who contibuted goods to be sold and/or who worked at the sale.

…..Speaking of the successful hoagie sale and yard sale….Treasurer Paul noted that the procedes from these two fundraisers will go into the general fund and consequently the club dues will now not have to be raised for at least two years!

…..Newly elected president Rachael presented a $500 check from the club to Ashley Gay-Votto for the Mt. Lion Backpack program. Ashley has now moved onto a new job but she will give the check to the new director of the program and hopefully invite her to a future meeting.

…..Our guest speaker, Erin Wyandotte, pulled the winning raffle ticket of Ken Decker last week.Joker Unfortunately for him, he chose the Seven of Clubs, which not being one of those elusive Jokers……….paid zip. Therefore, there are still two Jokers in the deck with twelve cards gone, so try your luck with the purchase of a raffle ticket this week. The Pot’s hovering around $250.

In Closing: memory