AMBUCS Altoona Newsletter for March 7, 2017

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Today’s Speaker: Tim Balconi, President of the UPMC Altoona Foundation, providing an update on the program and facility expansions at UPMC Altoona

Future Speakers:

March 14th – To be determined

March 21stMelanie Shildt, Executive Director of the United Way

March 28th – Judy Rosser, Executive Director of the Blair County Drug and Alcohol Partnerships

April 4thAmbuc, Derek Martin, providing a preview of the upcoming Curve season

April 11thTracy Plessinger, Manager of the Blair County Airport

April 18thBlair County Genealogy Society

April 25thDonna Fisher, District Manager of the Blair County Conservation District – Speaking about Arbor Day

Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week:

…..Last week’s speaker was Ambuc Dave Aikens and Laurie Claar of “Funds for Freedom.” Dave explained that he, Laurie, and about four others are members of this local group that provides help for veterans in need. As a 501-C-3 charitable operation, Funds for Freedom collect donations, typically in front of local businesses such as Walmart and Home Town Market. The group operates under an umbrella of the Van Zandt Veteran’s Mental Health Advocate Council, who identify the local veterans that need assistance. Help for the veterans includes gift cards for food or gasoline and at Christmas… for children, hygiene baskets, and winter clothing. The group would appreciate any donations of time and/or money to continue their philanthropic endeavors. For more information about Funds for Freedom, follow them on Facebook by searching on “FundsForFreedom” or just talk to Dave.

Guests of the Day:  None last week

News of the Week:

…..The AMBUCS Blood Screening Program is set for Saturday, May 6th. This year’s screening will again be held at the Park Hills Golf Club, with appointments available from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM. The screening, besides being a community service, is a major fundraiser for the club. A typical year will net the club around $12,000. Volunteers are needed that morning to help with registration and other tasks, with a sign-up sheet to be circulated soon. Additionally, your help is needed to promote the event by passing out the brochures and/or displaying the posters at your business. At last week’s meeting Paul Dick asked for assistance with the copying of the event brochures. Special thanks go out to Ken Decker, Paul Dick, Vic Gioiosa, Jim Huff, and Alex Seltzer and their businesses for assisting with the printing of this year’s brochures and posters.

…..Paul Dick provided the club with an update on the effort to recover our Amtrykes and mural that are presently at the WeCare building. A letter was sent to the Tyrone Hospital asking for the trykes and mural to be returned. A reply letter was sent to the club stating that with the current dispute between WeCare and Pro Care; that all assets are frozen. Ambuc, Jim Huff, has now sent a second letter to the hospital, as our legal representative, stating that the Amtrykes are not part of the conflict and are actually owned by the Altoona AMBUCS. More information will follow as this situation develops.

…..Even though he has been a club member for only a short time, Dave Aikens has stepped up to the plate again! Along with helping the club build the wheelchair ramp last fall, assisting with the construction of ten Amtrykes in December, and recently assisting with the sorting and packaging of the Marianna’s hoagies and pizzas….Dave has now agreed to take on the role of grant writing for the club. This important duty netted the club around $10,000 last club year. Thanks again Dave for all that you’ve done for us!

…..March Birthdays: Kathy Storm – March 26th and Scott Schraff – March 29th

…..Long time Executive Director of AMBUCS, Joe Copeland, will be retiring. To maintain a smooth transition, a new Executive Director, Jay Laurens, has been hired prior to Joe’s retirement. A special retirement gift presentation to Joe from the N.E. Regional clubs is being planned for the upcoming Regional Conference in Altoona. Don’t forget to sign up for the events of that weekend. A list of events is circulated each week at club.

…..Help is needed in securing the program speakers for our next club year.  A sign-up sheet is being circulated in order for you to sign up for a month. You can also share a month with someone. The new club year begins in June, but we also need for someone to sign up for this May. Actually, that’s an easy one…..since Ashley has already agreed to take two of those weeks.

…..Bob Fiore purchased the winning ticket for a chance to draw the Joker last week, however he didn’t pull that elusive card. His pull of the three of spades won him nothing! With that card gone, there are now 33 cards left in the deck, with two Jokers still in play. Both Jokers will remain until half of the deck has been pulled….then if there is still no winner, one joker will be removed. The winner’s share of the pot is over $400!


In Closing:  In case you missed this recent, sad news release…..Pillsbury announced today that their veteran spokesman, Poppin’ Fresh, died on Wednesday of a severe yeast infection. He was 71. He was buried Friday in one of the biggest funerals in years. Dozens of celebrities turned out including Mrs. Butterworth, the California Raisins, Hungry Jack, Betty Crocker, and the Hostess Twinkies. The gravesite was piled high with flours, as longtime friend, Aunt Jemima, delivered the eulogy; describing Fresh as a man who “never knew he was kneaded.” Fresh rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a smart cookie, and wasted much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Still, even as a crusty old man, he was a roll model to millions. Fresh is survived by his second wife. They have two children, with one in the oven. The funeral was at 3:50 for 20 minutes.