AMBUCS Altoona News Letter for February 28th, 2017

Today’s Speaker:  AMBUC Dave Aikens discussing “Funds for Freedom”

Future Speakers:

March 7thTim Balconi, President of the UPMC Altoona Foundation, update on the program and facility expansions at UPMC Altoona

March 14th – To be determined

March 21st – To be determined

March 28th – To be determined

Whacha’ May Have Missed Last Week:

…..Last week’s speaker was Chef Janet DeGennaro – Owner of “Sip n Sauté”. As she did last year, Chef Janet entertained the members with her southern charm. For example, she described her personality as kind of a cat lady….who doesn’t have any cats. Her business, located in Greenwood at 1654 East Pleasant Valley Blvd. Altoona, was founded after she retired from her 19 year position as a high school teacher of the culinary arts in the south and then moved to Altoona with her husband, who is a native of Altoona. Prior to her teaching career, Janet spent 18 years as a chef. Her business offers unique classes involving cooking demonstrations, shared recipes, and food samples. At our meeting, she provided each table with a jar that contained heavy cream and salt. She went on to explain that butter can be made from just these two ingredients by shaking the jar vigorously….separating the curds and whey. She encouraged each table to pass around the jar and for each member to shake the contents into butter by dancing…..until there was no more movement in the jar. Since each table also had a tray of Ritz crackers, the butter was sampled by all. Chef Janet can also be seen on “Chef Showcase” on Central Pa Live, every other Thursday, on TV-10. For more information about her classes, contact her at 814-201-2355.

Guests of the Day:  Bill Reintgen introduced his guest Tim Serbin, a co-worker of Bill’s at Link Computer Corp. It turned out that at the conclusion of the meeting, Tim won a bottle of wine from Sip n Sauté as Chef Janet selected him as the best “butter dancer.”

News of the Week:

…..Park Hills Golf Club is undergoing kitchen remodeling that has temporarily closed their kitchen for several weeks, however they will continue to provide us with our normal lunch. So if you hear that they aren’t serving the public, fear not, we’re special!

…..Two sign-up sheets were circulated last week. The first was the Regional Conference sign-up sheet for the last weekend in April. There will be a Friday night social at the Curve, a Big Hat breakfast Saturday morning, a dinner/social that evening, and a breakfast on Sunday morning.

…..The second sign-up sheet was for program speakers for our 2017/2018 club year. By signing up for a specific month, you have the opportunity to find the speakers for the club meetings. It’s really not that hard to find speakers that will inform, motivate, and/or entertain the membership. If you don’t feel you could find speakers for a whole month, consider sharing a month with another club member. The sign-up sheet follows our club year…..May 2017 through April 2018. Additionally, we need someone to sign up for May of this year. Ashley has already agreed to take two of the weeks, so sign up with her and you only need to find two speakers for this May!

…..The National AMBUCS scholarship program is now accepting applications from junior and senior therapy students as well as for those doing post-grad work in a therapy field. If you know somebody that could benefit from a scholarship for the 2017/18 school year, please have them apply at: Additionally, our local chapter provides scholarships in addition to those from National AMBUCS. The application deadline for both the National and local scholarships is tax day, April 15th. If you have anyone interested or have any questions, Tim Parnell serves as our scholarship coordinator.

…..HELP WANTED – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY…..The club is in need of a grant coordinator. Last club year, I handled this job, so it can’t be very difficult! Since I’ve taken over the weekly bulletin, I would appreciate someone else taking over the grant writing. We already have a list of grants that are available and we have samples of the grants that were submitted in past years. Some of the grants need to be submitted in the next several months and a few others can be submitted later in the year. The club provides you with envelopes and postage and I can train you on what is necessary. It really isn’t that difficult and the results are amazing….since last year the club netted nearly $10,000 for our Amtryke program from the five grants that we applied for. Please talk to me if you are interested in helping us.

…..Dave Mason purchased the winning ticket for a chance to draw the Joker last week, however he had to leave early. Mike Knote agreed to pull a card for Dave, but Mike didn’t pull that elusive Joker. It might have been interesting if Mike had pulled the winning card….who would have walked away with the cash? Now there are 34 cards left in the deck, and your chances of winning just got a little better, but you have to be present to play. The winner’s share of the pot is now over $400!

In Closing:  The other day I stopped at Sheetz to buy milk. When I pulled in I noticed two cops watching a tweaker who was smoking while fueling up and I’m thinking wow, stupid tweaker…and with the police right there. So I go in and get my milk and as I was checking out, I hear someone screaming “look outside”… the tweaker’s arm is on fire!!! He’s running around like a chicken with its head cut off, waving his arm around and just going nuts. The cops put him on the ground and were putting the fire out with a blanket. After all the craziness, I start walking to my car and I see that the cops were handcuffing him. The guy’s friend is like, “what the heck?!?” I stick around because it looks like the guy is a jerk and I definitely want to see what happens. Being the idiot I thought he probably was, he asked the cops what in the world they were arresting his buddy for, after all, wasn’t catching his arm on fire punishment enough? I kid you not, the deputy looked him dead in the eye and said, “For waving a Firearm.”